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Fluoride/Chlorine Filter

Fluoride/Chlorine Filter
1.50 lbs
Title F2 filter
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Fluoride/Chlorine Removal Filter


  • Cleaner, better tasting water
  • Removes up to 93% of fluoride in addition to chlorine, chemicals, VOCs, pesticides, disinfectants, foul tastes and odors.
  • Updated for 2016 - new activated alumina media performs better over broader pH range.
  • 5 micron multi-stage filter filter with channel blockers to ensure uniform filtration without channeling or dumping
  • 3 months or 500 gallon life cycle depending on water hardness
  • Fits Tap Master Jr.,  Value Line and standard 10" housings.
  • Filter dimensions: 9 7/8" tall x 3" diameter, 1" center hole.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some companies selling fluoride removal filters use a 5000ppm  figure to indicate the filter life. In real world conditions this equals about 300 gallons. The longer life they imply with the 5000ppm  figure can only be achieved in laboratory conditions, not on a municipal tap water or hard well water which contains other substances such as calcium which are also filtered out by the media removing the fluoride.


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General Operating Conditions Feed water: PSI 20 - 100 PSI Feed water Temperature: 40˚ - 100˚(F) Max. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 2000 ppm, pH: <7.5 * Your results may vary depending on regular maintenance, general condition of unit, and initial water supply.
Filter not designed to treat microbially unsafe or non-potable water with out adequate disinfection before and after unit.
F2 filter correct orientation