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Home Master Jr. F2 Elite Sinktop Water Filter

Home Master Jr. F2 Elite Sinktop Water Filter
5.00 lbs
Home Master Jr. F2 Elite Counter-top Water Filter
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Home Master Jr. F2 Elite
Elite Media to Purify the Most Challenging Municipal Water

Perfect Water Technologies is proud to introduce the new Home Master Jr. F2 Elite. This advanced five stage counter top water filter removes up to 93%: dirt and rust; soluble metals like fluoride, aluminum, lead, iron, mercury, copper; chemicals like chloramines, chlorine, VOCs, THMs, and many pharmaceuticals (microcontaminants) that create foul tastes and odors in your tap water. Dissolved solids like calcium and magnesium minerals are not removed. The Home Master Jr. F2 Elite has special channel blockers to ensure even filtration and avoid problems found in other competitor's granular filters.

This Elite version of the Home Master Jr F2 adds new filtration media to treat the very persistent chemical contaminant - chloramine. If your city does not already use chloramines, they most likely will soon. Ordinary carbon filters are unable to remove this stubborn disinfectant. It takes a more advanced carbon known as Catalytic Carbon, and the redox media KDF85. However these two medias do far more than just remove chloramines. The KDF85 media will also remove soluble heavy metals such as lead, mercury, copper, and iron. Furthermore it will remove hydrogen sulfide and is bacteria-static creating a environment hostile to microorganism growth.

To maintain optimum fluoride filtration in your Home Master Jr. F2 Elite change the filter every 3 months or 500 gallons. Taste and odor purification will continue long after fluoride filtration has run out -- so please change your filter regularly.
Please check our REPLACEMENT FILTER: CFF2E-10

F2 Elite - Filtration Characteristics

Activated Alumina Fluoride
Catalytic Carbon Chloramines, chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides, herbicides, THMs, many pharmaceuticals
Coconut Shell Carbon Chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, other chemicals, MORE
KDF85 Iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, copper, other soluble heavy metals
5 micron compression pads Sediment down to 5 microns; prevents channeling
  • Fully Assembled Home Master Jr. F2 Elite counter-top filter system with filter
  • Sink faucet diverter valve
  • Additional 15/16" x 13/16" sink faucet adapter
  • Super flexible connection tubing
  • Heavy duty, long-reach chrome faucet
  • Warranty card: 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Installation instructions


  • 12" tall x 4.5" diameter
  • 6lbs. shipping weight
  • Faucet reach 6"
  • Feed water tubing length 36"
Recommended Operating conditions:
  • pH: <7.5
  • Manganese: <1 ppm
  • Iron: < 1ppm
  • Iron Bacteria: NONE
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: < 1ppm
  • Feed water: PSI 20 - 90 PSI
  • Feed water Temperature: 40˚ - 100˚(F)
  • Max. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 2000 ppm