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I'm new to this where do I begin?

I'm new to this where do I begin?

The first thing we need to know is your water source.

Do you get your water from a treated municipal source -- do you have city water -- or do you have a private well on your land?

If you have a private well, please send us a copy of your most recent water analysis or get your well
water tested so we can make a recommendation based upon the contaminants that are actually present in your water. There is no one single piece of water purification system that "does it all" for every contaminant and at every contamination level.


Guide Me

If you have city water please consider one of our Home Master Reverse Osmosis Systems for your drinking water, and a Whole House Conditioner/Softener to filter and condition your home's entire water supply.

If you live in a condo and a whole house system is impossible, then consider some
shower filters so that you are not bathing in chlorinated water.

If your city uses chloramines then you may use any of our RO systems for your drinking water. If you decide to use a whole house system to pre-treat the water for chloramines, then you will need to get the
Home Master HMF3SMGNCC option. Contact your water provider to learn if your city uses chloramines.