Can I install a reverse osmosis system in an apartment?

If you are a renter, you might need to get permission before installing a Home Master Reverse Osmosis System in a rented apartment. We’ve identified some common landlord objections and some solutions.


Do I need to drill holes to install a reverse osmosis system? 

Installing a Drain Line

If you have a garbage disposal, no holes need to be drilled for the drain line - use the Garbage Disposal Drain Adapter 

The alternative is to identify a section of drain pipe located between the “P-trap” and the sink that’s easily removed. Take that section of pipe to your favorite hardware store, and purchase an identical piece. Use the new piece to drill the hole for the drain line saddle, and restore the original section of drain pipe before moving out.

Installing the RO Faucet

If the underside of your kitchen sink has 3 (or more) holes, and your kitchen faucet is a single hole type, then you may be able to remove its base plate revealing 2 extra holes. Use one hole for the RO faucet, and purchase a new soap dispenser or cover plate for the other hole

Replace existing kitchen faucet with a Combination Tap/RO Water Faucet.

If your refrigerator has a water dispenser, the system can only be connected to your fridge as opposed to an RO Faucet, however, you will need to flush out the system from time to time; you will also need a way to flush the system water into your sink or a bucket. You don’t want that flush water getting into your fridge, as it’s a bear to flush the fridge and ice maker. Get the Refrigerator Connection Kit and use the Inline Ball Valve 3/8” as your termination and flush point under your sink. 


Will I have enough room in my apartment for a home water filter?

The Standard and Artesian Home Master RO systems consist of two separate units connected by 3.5 feet of tubing for numerous mounting options, with the following dimensions:

  • Purification unit - 16” high x 8” wide x 5” deep
  • Storage tank 3.2 gallon 15” high x 11” diameter (OPTIONAL 1.2 gallon -- 13" high x 8" diameter)

The tank can be installed on its side and/or relocated to an adjacent cabinet within 10' of the filters with the extra 3/8” tubing kit.


How can I prevent leaks and water damage?

It’s rare to experience a leak, however, if your landlord raises this objection it can be overcome with a Leak Detector and a robust renters insurance policy.


Ready to Invest in a Home Water Filter?

Living in an apartment should not stop you from having the cleanest drinking water available to you. Contact The Perfect Water to speak to our experts that can help you find the water purification system that works best for you.