When planning the installation of your new Home Master RO system if you are unable to drill a hole for placement of your new faucet there are a couple of different options as listed below.

How do I install a reverse osmosis faucet?

Option 1: The system can be connected only to your fridge however you’ll need to flush out the system from time to time and so it is handy to have a way to get the waste water in your sink or a bucket. You don’t want the flush water getting into your fridge because it’s a bear flushing out your fridge and ice maker.

Get the Refrigerator Connection Kit and use the Inline Ball Valve 3/8” as your termination and flush point under your sink.

Option 2: Replace the existing main faucet with a Combination Tap/RO Water Faucet.

Option 3: If the underside of your kitchen sink has 3 (or more) holes and your kitchen faucet is a single hole type you will possibly be able to remove its base plate, adding 2 extra holes. Use one hole for a soap dispenser and the other hole for the RO faucet.

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