Can I Connect my RO to my Kitchen Faucet?

The RO system can be physically connected to the kitchen faucet, however, once the water in the storage has been depleted, and the tank is empty, you will be left with only the RO system's production rate - which is a trickle (2-4 gallons per hour). If the kitchen faucet is at a secondary sink that is only used for drinking and cooking water, such as a bar sink, then it is suitable.

Keep in mind that the amount of RO water available to use - is the amount of water in the storage tank - typically 3.2 gallons. Your kitchen faucet typically dispenses water at a rate of about 2 gallons per minute. In the real world you will frequently run out of water. Using a tankless RO sytem is not a great alternative, since their production rate, while higher, is still significantly less than the peak produced from the Home Master storage tank, and substantially less than normal mains water pressure.

In most cases this question is better answered with a combination kitchen and RO faucet that provides both hot and cold tap water and RO filtered water – all from the same, single hole faucet.

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