What does the Perfect Water logo Represent?

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History of the Perfect Water Logo | Power of the Trident

     In Greek Mythology, Zeus’s brother Poseidon was the Olympian God of all waters. As the story goes, the world was split into three after the Gods claimed victory over a battle with the Titans; Zeus became ruler of the skies, Hades ruler of the underworld, and Poseidon ruler of the seas. He served a role as protector, particularly to mariners, and his origin dates back to pre-Greek times (Minoans: 3000-1450BC). While often mistaken for a pitchfork, Poseidon actually wields a 3-prong spear (Trident), commonly found in Greek artwork. Moreover, the Trident was believed to hold certain powers, allowing control of storms, lightening, water, sea life, and even earthquakes.

Choosing to include Poseidon in the Perfect Water Logo made perfect sense. The strength and mystery of water tamed by strength and intellect encompasses our company’s passion. Our filtration products harness the flow of water coming into your house, strip it clean of impurities, and deliver the best tasting water money can buy.

Poseidon holding yellow trident