A Faucet to Fit Your Water Filtration System?

Yes we do.



First we will need to identify if your faucet is an air-gap faucet or a non-air-gap faucet. There is a third type of faucet - a vented faucet, but it is used in conjunction with a Hot Tank and some specialized non-pressurized water filtration systems...chances are that if this applied to you, you would already know it.

How do I tell if my faucet is the air-gap or non-air-gap type?
If there are 3 tubes connected to the bottom of the RO faucet, this means that you have an air-gap faucet. 3 tubes = air-gap faucet (unless its a vented faucet)

If there is only 1 tube connected to the bottom of the RO faucet, this means that you have a  non-air-gap faucet. 1 tube = non-air-gap faucet

There is the main threaded shank which accepts the clean water, and on an air-gap facet there are two barb, push-on fittings for the air-gap drain lines.

What does “air-gap” mean?
It is a back flow prevention device. In simpler language, an air-gap refers to a "gap" in the drain line output from an RO system which prevents household sewage from backing up into your RO system. The drain water flows out of your RO system into one side of the air-gap, passes over the gap, and then down into the other tube and on into your sink's drain pipes. Some
dishwashers also use an air-gap, but they use much thicker tubing than a RO system. 

Air-gap faucets can be used with both air-gap and non-air-gap RO systems. Non-air-gap faucets can only be used with non-air-gap systems. If your building code calls for an air-gap, but you prefer one of the non-air-gap faucets, then you may use a combination dishwasher and RO system air-gap.

Air-gap faucets reduce the amount of sewage back flow that can back up into your RO system.

They can be noisy and gurgle. They sometimes back up all over your countertop.

Home Master Advanced Reverse Osmosis System uses a one-way valve on the drain line rather than an air-gap to prevent, rather than reduce, sewage backup into the system. This allows you to select from a wider variety of RO faucets.