Refer-A-Friend Program - Refer Your Friends and Family So That You Can Have Great Water At Their Houses Too

Refer-A-Friend Program - Refer Your Friends and Family So That You Can Have Great Water At Their Houses Too

You love the water! It’s a win-win when you help others to get exceptionally pure Mineral Water on Tap®. From cooking and drinking to showering and cleaning, and everything else in between -- your quality of life is better with a Home Master® Water Filter in your home or office. The Home Master referral program rewards you when you help your friends, family, and co-workers get the same refreshing, highly pure water.   

How It Works

  1. Purchase any system from the approved list below
  2. Install the systems and enjoy the benefits
  3. Refer a friend to purchase their own Home Master system from the approved list
  4. Ask your friend to place their order with a Perfect Water Technologies telephone representative
  5. Wait for the order to finalize (payment processed, item shipped, not returned)
  6. Allow 10 business days for your personalized one-time coupon code, good for 1 year, to be emailed to you.

Approved Home Master Systems 

  • Home Master Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Home Master Whole House Systems
  • Jr and Mini Countertop Systems


For every referral customer who purchases an approved system according to the promotions terms and conditions, the following will be sent to your email:

  • A single use coupon for 50% off your next filter change set; valid for 1 year

Terms and Conditions

  • New system referral purchases must be made through one of our telephone sales representatives, or send in an email with the order ID. 
  • Systems that are returned or refunded will result in coupon cancellation or reduction in discount.
  • One coupon code will be generated per referral. Refer more friends – get more coupons!
  • Referrer and referee must reside at different addresses.
  • Perfect Water Technologies, Inc. reserves the right, at its discretion, to change/modify/add or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.


Have You Heard The Good News?

We also have an affiliate program. Post and promote our excellent Home Master brand products on your blog or socials, and earn 15% commission* when your friends purchase a system!


  • Free to join (no monthly fees)
  • High incentive rate of 15% or more during certain high traffic times
  • Easy to use (you'll have your own custom link and account dashboard)
  • Packed with potential (no cap on sales. No monthly sales minimum requirements)

*Learn more here: Home Master Affiliate Program

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