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Build Your Perfect Water Filtration System

Whole house water filter systems provide the convenience of having clear, clean water delivered to every faucet and showerhead in your home without drawing down your overall water pressure. Removing sediment, iron, and chloramines, a whole house water purification and filter system from The Perfect Water is just what you need for the best water.

Not only does a whole house system allow you to count on quality filtered water at every faucet, but it also provides you with a simple, singular point of maintenance, so you change one filter and not one filter at every sink. Making it easier to enjoy your water and easier to keep your whole house water filter running at peak efficiency.

Choosing Your Filtration System

The Perfect Water provides whole-building filtration with light commercial units suitable for homes and light offices in a variety of setups. Choose from single stage filters, two stage devices, or three stage nanofiber builds for maximum water purification. Which system is best for your home? That depends on where your water comes from. If you haven't tested your home water, it's worth considering the step before selecting a unit. Your choice of system also affects which filter models you will need when it's time to change them out. See more details about each option on its product information page, including compatible filters.

Get Help Designing Your Custom Water Filtration System

Whole house water systems do more than just purify your drinking water. They purify your water at the source, so you can count on that same purity when you are washing your clothes, enjoying a bath, or taking care of indoor plants. Filter options allow you to choose between complete filtration, economy water purification, and filtered mineral water to suit your needs. Remember, homes in areas with hard water may also need to install a water softener for sustainable filter operations. For more information about common questions related to our whole house water purifier options, check out our FAQ page. You can also get help designing your whole house water system by reaching out through one of the channels on our contact page.

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