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All About The Perfect Water

Founded on September 3, 2002, we are an American manufacturing company specializing in creating innovative water purification products. In 2002 we brought you the "Tap Master" Series reverse osmosis systems that use modular filters for improved durability and a Fast Flow RO! Kit™ for an improved water flow rate. Not long afterward our innovation expanded when we introduced the "Tap Master" Artesian and Mineral Water on Tap®.

As of fall 2014, we have rebranded our sink top, under sink and whole house filters under the common name - Home Master®. In 2017 Perfect Water Technologies, Inc. was awarded a patent for the Full Contact® Remineralization System, and in 2017 a new patent for the next evolution the Full Contact UV double forced sterilization. We also introduced the patented Air Gap Catch®.

Always looking for new ways to bring our customers perfect water, we continue to research and develop the best products for your home.


To be the most sought after water treatment equipment manufacturer in the world.


Provide water treatment equipment to residential, commercial, and municipal customers. Perfect Water Technologies, Inc. will satisfy the various consumer segments through the sale of diverse products and services at a range of price points. Perfect Water Technologies, Inc. will become a vertically integrated organization with growth fueled by internal marketing efforts, new technology development, existing business development, and external acquisitions.


  • Provide honest, reliable information to customers
  • Provide customers with options, not compromises
  • Always go the extra mile for our customers
  • Employees will be proud of the products and services they provide, and successfully transmit those feelings at every customer interaction so that customers become proud owners of our products
  • Organization, deliberation, and precision will guide our daily work


  • Patent # US 7,507,334 B1. Full Contact Artesian Remineralization System
  • Patent # US 9,776,899 Full Contact UV Double Forced Sterilization System
  • Patent # US D760,578 S Water System Support Bracket
  • Patent # US 9,745,210 Air Gap Catch


  • Home Master®
  • HydroGardener®
  • HydroPerfection®
  • Full Contact®
  • Mineral Water on Tap®
  • Air Gap Catch™
  • Mini Filter • Big Purifier™
  • The purity you need, the pH and minerals that you want™
  • Fast Flow RO! Kit™
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