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Reverse Osmosis System

Why use Home Master® Reverse Osmosis Systems?

100% satisfaction guarantee. 5-year limited warranty. Modular design ensures a straightforward DIY installation and easy annual filter changes. Friendly American tech support via phone, fax, live chat, text and email (English/Spanish). 9-stages of filtration, purification, sterilization and enhancement removes up to 99% of 1000s of contaminants and microorganisms. The patented Artesian Full Contact® Remineralization system delivers refreshing, highly-pure, Mineral Water on Tap®.

Patented Remineralization

The best -tasting water you will ever have, guaranteed or your money back. The Patented Artesian Full Contact® remineralization system, enhances the highly-pure RO water with smooth, beneficial calcium and magnesium minerals, at 2 different points in the system, making the water slightly alkaline.

Fast Flow RO! Kit

Included Fast Flow RO! Kit uses larger fittings, tubing and granular media to reduce water waste (1:1 waste ratio with optional non-electric permeate pump), and deliver an extraordinary Fill Rate.

Fully-assembled DIY Kit

Compact modular design for easy DIY installation and annual service. DIY Saves!

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Longer Filter Life – Saves Time and Money

All-In-One modular filters require annual replacement when used as directed - swap them out quickly with No Wenches Required!

NSF Listed American Company

NSF certified components for material safety, filtration performance and structural integrity.

5 Year Limited Warranty

Home Master® Promises that you will receive The Perfect Water. 

Advanced Purification 

DOW RO membrane and up to 9-stage of filtration, purification, sterilization, and enhancement removes up to 99% chlorine, chemicals, metals, fluoride, TDS, pharmaceuticals, microplastics &1000s more contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis System FAQs
What is a Reverse Osmosis Filtration System?
If you've never heard of a Reverse Osmosis system before, you probably have a lot of questions about what makes this kind of water filtration different from what you'd find in something like a standard filter pitcher or a water bottle with a built-in water filter. That's a fair question, and once you know how the process of reverse osmosis works, it's easier to understand why investing in a reverse osmosis filtration system makes sense. The key difference between Reverse Osmosis system and standard filtration is how the filtration process works . In most drip-through pitchers and water bottle filters, water runs through a carbon filter, which snags most of the impurities and passes clean water through. It's fairly effective, but it doesn't remove some classes of impurities...
How the Reverse Osmosis Process Works?
The process of reverse osmosis system filtration works by pressurizing the fluid before passing it through the filter membrane. The membrane catches impurities, but the solvent, water, passes freely through to the lower-pressure side of the membrane. Depending on the exact design of the reverse osmosis system, different tolerances for the filtration threshold can provide options to create mineral water that retains the naturally occurring minerals while removing contaminants or to create flavor-free water that is as pure as possible without full distillation. Learning More About reverse osmosis Water Filtration If you have questions about buying a new water filtration system, we're here to help. Our team has put together answers to some of the most common questions we get already, so you can browse for answers whenever you want. For questions...
How long do reverse osmosis filters last?
Reverse Osmosis water filters last for around 3 to 5 years according to the nature of the water they filter, when used as directed. Their usage also influences the lifespan. A larger household may need to change them more frequently in comparison to a small one-bedroom apartment. Ideally, the filters need replacement every 12 months to maintain the optimum amount of water purification.
Why get a reverse osmosis system?
Reverse Osmosis, when combined with sediment and catalytic carbon filtration, is one of the most all-around effective ways of removing water contaminants. It can eliminate up to 99% of chlorine, chloramines, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nitrates, sulfates, fluoride, arsenic, lead, asbestos, metals, microplastics, and 1000s of other additional contaminants, when installed and used as directed. When a UV Sterilizer is added, the system will also sterilize bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. It is advisable to invest in a reverse osmosis system with activated catalytic carbon to get pure drinking water at home.
What are the benefits of a reverse osmosis system?
The six main benefits of a reverse osmosis system are: A Reverse Osmosis system with UV (model TMHP HydroPerfection®) cleans from the water about 99% of bacteria, virus, and chemical pollutants, if present,   which may lead to serious health issues. The drinking water from the HydroPerfection® is refreshing and pure. When our patented Full Contact® Artesian remineralization system is added, it produces the best-tasting water you will ever have - guaranteed or your money back. reverse osmosis system is energy efficient as it hardly uses any electricity. The optional non-electric permeate pump reduces water waste by up to 80%, increases production by up to 50%, and produces slightly cleaner water as it reduces TDS Creep. It is an environment-friendly alternative to using disposable water bottles. It will help you save money by eliminating the need to buy bottled water. It gives you a nearly endless supply of clean, drinking water. 
Do Reverse Osmosis units waste a lot of water?
A Home Master Reverse Osmosis with the optional permeate pump will produce about 1:1 gallons purified per gallon wasted. A typical Reverse Osmosis unit uses four gallons of water for every gallon of pure water produced. However, the optional non-electric permeate pump reduces water waste by up to 80%, increases production by up to 50%, and produces slightly cleaner water as it reduces TDS Creep. Also, you can utilize this rejected water for purposes other than drinking water.
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