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Fast Flow RO! kit

Fast Flow RO! kit
3.00 lbs
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Fast Flow RO! kit for reverse osmosis water purification systems - Double the water flow rate from your RO sink faucet!   

Other RO systems fast flow kits only refill the storage tank more quickly, they do not actually improve the flow from your filter faucet. Only the Fast Flow RO! from Perfect Water Technologies will fill your cup or large container in a hurry.

The Fast Flow RO! kit is standard equipment on Home Master Reverse Osmosis Systems. Fast Flow RO kit for reverse osmosis water systems doubles water flow rate from faucet water purifier systems. Standard on Home Master RO systems. Fills quickly.



  • 3/8" final coconut shell carbon filter
  • 3/8" push-in adapting tee
  • 3/8" push-in Sink-faucet connector
  • 3/8" storage tank ball valve
  • 6' - 3/8" sturdy, food grade tubing

Components shown in the Yellow Section