The Main Differences Between Home Master® RO Models

  • The Home Master Standard version of the powerful and well equipped Home Master Series Reverse Osmosis System.  Fully assembled, complete kit for city water and most well water.  Ready for simple installation.


  • The Home Master Artesian Full Contact with our patented Full Contact® technology remineralizes the water twice restoring more minerals than the regular Home Master Artesian so that the water tastes even better, prevents storage tank degradation, has an alkaline pH, and provides 30-60 mg/L of the beneficial minerals calcium and magnesium. 


  • The Home Master IRON and Home Master ULTRA models have an iron pre-filter to remove iron from the water before it can damage the RO membrane.  If your private well contains iron you must remove it or it will destroy the reverse osmosis membrane.


  • The Home Master ULTRA comes equipped with an ultraviolet light filter to destroy microorganisms. 




Upgrades for Under Counter Systems

  • Anti-microbial tubing prevents microorganism growth formation on the inside and outside of the tubing. Cleaner tubing inside yeilds better tasting water. Cleaner tubing outside reduces leaks. This upgrade replaces the standard system tubing with antimicrobial tubing.
  • Permeate Pump reduces water waste by up to 80%, increases water production by up to 50%, allows the storage tank to fill fuller, and produces slightly cleaner water by preventing "TDS creep."  It is a non-electric pump that harnesses the movement of the waste water for power.
  • Reserve Tanks are available in a variety of sizes to satisfy you size constraints and meet your capacity needs.
  • Refrigerator Connection Kit allows you to easily connect your Home Master to your refrigerator‚ water dispenser and ice maker.  You may also use this kit to connect to some coffee makers, humidifiers, or other water using appliances (not dishwashers or laundry machines).
  • Upgraded RO Faucets have more elegant finishes and styles, and deliver greater water flow rate.
  • Full Contact Upgrade remineralizes the water twice to add 30-60 mg/L of calcium and magnesium minerals to the water in order to improve the taste further and make the water slightly alkaline (pH 7.5-8.0).  Additionally, because the Artesian Full Contact remineralizes the slightly acidic RO water to make it pH balanced, before (and after) entering the storage tank, the water will no longer attack the storage tank's rubber bladder and thus prevents the slightly acidic RO water from attacking the rubber and re-polluting the water.  Maybe you were wondering why most RO systems have a "final polishing filter."  It’s to remove the rubber tank taste from the water.  The patented Artesian Full Contact pH balances the water before it enters the storage tank solving that problem.

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