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Antimicrobial Tubing Upgrade

Antimicrobial Tubing Upgrade
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Antimicrobial Tubing Upgrade

  Upgrade your Home Master® Reverse Osmosis System with Actifresh Antimicrobial Tubing. Designed to inhibit microbial colonization on the tubing's inner surface; this tubing prevents the formation of biofilm and polymer slime that can cause poor taste, odors, and material degradation. Order with your Home Master or MH-50 assembled replacement membrane housing purchase and this Antimicrobial tubing will be pre-installed and will not require any additional assembly.

  Actifresh Polyethylene tubing - This tubing is specially formulated with Sanitized® to resist degradation from mildew, algae, fungi and biofilm that can accumulate on the inside or outside of tubing.

  Actifresh Polyethylene tubing is non-leaching and unlike similar products, is 100% treated without using silver additives. The antimicrobial additive is fully compounded into the tubing to protect both the inner and outer surfaces from degradation, foul odors, microorganisms and discoloration. Reducing degradation can also reduce maintenance costs.

  Actifresh Polyethylene tubing complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 and NSF 51 requirements for food contact.


• Resist degradation from mildew, algae, fungi and biofilm
• No heavy metals
• BPA and phthalate free
• FDA, NSF 51, REACH and RoHS compliant
• Tested to ISO 22196:2007 and EN ISO 846
• Conforms to ASTM D-1248, Type I, Class A, Category 4, Grade E5.
• Resistant to environmental stress cracking exceeding that of ordinary polyethylene tubing as measured per ASTM D-1693 (10% IGEPAL)
• U.S. FDA 21 CFR 177.1520
• NSF 51
• ASTM D-1248, Type I, Class A
• Category 4, Grade E5
• ASTM D-1693 (10% IGEPAL)
• REACH and RoHS compliant

Operating Conditions:
• -80°F (-62°C) to +120°F (48°C)
• Max PSI: 3/8" tubing 125psi
• Max PSI 1/4" tubing: 120psi