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Welcome to Perfect Water Technologies, Inc. We are an American manufacturing company specializing in creating innovative water purification products and water filter systems. In 2002 we brought you the Tap Master TM   Series reverse osmosis system which uses modular filters for improved durability and a Fast Flow RO! KitTM  for an increased water flow rate. Not long afterwards we introduced the Tap Master Artesian TM  so that you could have Mineral Water on TapTM. Recently Perfect Water Technologies, Inc. was awarded the patent for the Tap Master Artesian Full Contact Alkaline Water Reverse Osmosis System which delivers The purity you need, with the minerals that you wantTM .

Please browse through our selection of Home Master Whole House Water Filters where pressure performance is the goal. If you live in an apartment consider a Tap Master Jr. countertop water filter and some shower filters. Choose The Perfect Water for your whole house water and filter systems. Tap Master reverse osmosis series produces drinking water purity you need by removing chemicals.

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