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Iron Reducing Filter - 20" x 4.5"

Iron Reducing Filter - 20" x 4.5"
8.00 lbs
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Whole House Iron Water Filter 20 micron - 20" x 4.5"

  • Ideal Iron treatment for high flow applications
  • Radial Flow design provides excellent iron reduction with minimal pressure drop (<1 psi pressure drop) 
  • Effectively reduces iron up to 3ppm
  • Reduces pipe and water heater damage caused by iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese
  • Lifecycle based upon iron content present. (see chart below)
  • Fits Home Master Water Filter and 20" Big Blue water filter housing






Recommended Operating conditions



  • pH: >7.0
  • Silica: <100 ppm
  • Manganese: <1 ppm
  • Iron:< 3ppm
  • Iron Bacteria: NONE
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: NONE*

*NOTE: This filter will also remove sulfur (hydrogen sulfide, H2S) however it will shorten the filter life at 2-3 times the rate of iron (Fe3). Whole house iron filter ideal for home filtration systems where purification of drinking water is especially desirable. Eliminates metallic taste, discoloration.


General Operating Conditions
Feed water: PSI 20 - 100 PSI
Feed water Temperature: 40˚ - 100˚F
Max. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 2000 ppm
* Your results may vary depending on regular maintenance, general condition of unit, and initial water supply.
Filter not designed to treat microbially unsafe or non-potable water without adequate disinfection before and after unit.