Air Gap Catch

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Air Gap Catch - Catch the RO waste water before it ruins your countertops

Air Gap Catch®

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

The Air Gap Catch is there when you need it. Fits around your existing Air Gap RO Faucet, and diverts the waste water backing up out of the air gap port, back into your sink basin.

When air gap RO Faucets and dishwasher air gaps were first invented, surface mount sinks were the only sink style choice, and discharge from the air gaps window was harmless -- any water discharges out of the air gap port trickled back into the sink basin. Not so with modern undermount sinks. 

Undermount sinks locate the air gap on the countertop where air gap discharge water poses a hazard as that water has no guide or channel to direct it back into the basin. Instead it spreads out until it either comes in contact with an item on your countertop such as a phone, important papers, or plug-in appliance, or pours out on your flooring - creating a slip-and-fall hazard or damaging your flooring.

Flexible polymer fits most standard RO Faucets and large size fits most dishwasher air gaps.

Easy installation -- slip-fits it over the top of your existing air gap.