Can I mount the Home Master RO in the basement?

The system is designed for an undersink installation and comes fully assembled with 3' of tubing for each of the four connections - feed line IN, drain line OUT, storage tank, product water OUT. The system will perform best out of the box when installed in this manner. However many people choose to put their systems in the basement.

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How to Install Reverse Osmosis Tank

There are some things to consider before making the decision to remote locate the system.


  • You will need some extra tubing to connect the system to the point(s) of use and potentially to one or more of the other connections.
  • Extra tubing kits are available in both 1/4" and 3/8" sizes on the Accessories page.
  • The system feed and the drain lines are both 1/4".
  • The lines to the tank and the RO Faucet are both 3/8".



  • The main source of output pressure comes from the Storage Tank. The further it is located from the point of use - the worse the pressure will be.
    **Once the tubing run exceeds 10' vertical or 20' horizontal you will experience some pressure loss.
  • Getting the Permeate Pump Upgrade on your system will help somewhat, as will mounting the tank close to the basement ceiling, however in extreme cases an electric delivery pump may be required.

This consideration becomes exaggerated if you are on well water with weak pressure to begin with as your tank will fill less full and will discharge less forcefully at the outset. Many customers will try the installation without the delivery pump and are satisfied with the results.


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