Permeate Pump UPGRADE Kit


Permeate pump optional upgrade to Home Master water RO water filtering systems. Order with system; ships fully assembled. Reduce water waste by 80%. Pure water.

Permeate Pump

Optional upgrade for the Home Master Reverse Osmosis System -- order it with the system and the whole system ships fully assembled.

A non-electric, water-saving device which dramatically improves Reverse Osmosis system efficiency.

Permeate Pump is a non-electric pump which uses only the hydraulic movement of the brine water (water going down the drain like a water wheel) to pull additional purified water (i.e. “permeate”) into your storage tank. The increased pressure allows the RO membrane to operate as if within an atmospheric tank system without back pressure. Use of a Permeate Pump lengthens membrane life, increases system performance, and provides other important benefits as detailed below. The permeate pump is A GREENER ALTERNATIVE TO "ZERO-WASTE" RO SYSTEMS.

  • Compact size for easy installation (3"diameter x 4"h)
  • ¼” push-in fittings
  • Mounting clip and hardware included

Summary of Key Features:

  • Non-electric pump, powered by the water flow normally lost down the drain
  • Creates cleaner water by preventing “TDS creep”
  • Improved membrane efficiency though higher operating pressure
  • Increased water production by up to 50%
  • Reduced water waste by up to 80%
  • Increased membrane life from the reduction in total water processed
  • Increases product tank pressure (up to 95% of feed pressure)
  • ERP1000 model works with membranes rated 10 - 150 GPD
  • ERP500 model works with membranes rated 1 - 50 GPD. Quieter operation.
  • Effective for inlet water pressures as low as 35 PSI

Features and Benefits

1. Improves water quality through improved membrane efficiency

In typical Reverse Osmosis systems, increased storage tank pressure is offset by decreased pressure across the membrane because in a closed system the pressure from the storage tank pushes back (back pressure) on the incoming household water pressure at the membrane. This decreased pressure causes a substantial reduction in system performance and efficiency. A Permeate Pump enhanced RO system maintains full pressure across its RO membrane, even as tank pressure reaches up to 95% of line pressure by creating a break between the back pressure from the pressurized storage tank and the incoming household water pressure. This insures both better water quality (maximum TDS reduction) and extended membrane life.

2. Improves product tank “fill time” by up to 50%

In typical RO systems, increased tank pressure results in decreased water production rates. A Permeate Pump enhanced RO system, accelerates water production rates (and reduces tank refill times) by up to 50% by minimizing back pressure. So in a RO system with a permeate pump upgrade - a 50 gallon per day membrane would produce up to 75 gallons per day!

3. Reduces waste water by up to 80%, extends component life

Permeate Pump enhanced RO systems, helps conserve an important natural resource while extending component life by reducing wastewater. Because the permeate pump is non-electric it is a greener alternative to other Zero-waste RO systems that use and electric pump. In other words, less water going through the system to generate the pure output water results in less wastefulness and less component wear.

Home Master reverse osmosis systems ordered with the permeate pump upgrade ship fully assembled

In The Box:

  • Permeate pump assembled with pre-cut tubing
  • Upgraded flow restrictor
  • Schematics
  • Installation instructions
  • Mounting clip and hardware
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