Flo Whole House Leak Detector


Flo Leak Detector - Protect Your Entire Home from Water Damage & Leaks Guaranteed


Flo Leak Detector

Protect Your Entire Home from
Water Damage & Leaks Guaranteed


Flo is a comprehensive whole house leak detector water monitoring and shut-off system with leak detection and proactive leak prevention technologies. From your toilet, shower or faucet, to the pipes in your foundation and behind your walls, Flo monitors all of them so there’s no surprises on your water bill or catastrophes when you come home from vacation.  Via its smartphone dashboard, Flo provides the ability to monitor and control your water remotely, while empowering conservation efforts.


Your water at your fingertips.     


From setup to checking your water usage, Flo provides everything you need to monitor and control your water system directly from the Flo Water App.


Dashboard -  See how much water you’re consuming with daily trends. Set conservation goals to encourage saving water and money. Going out of town or filling your pool? Adjust your mode to Away or Sleep so the system can better protect you.

Control Panel - Check your real-time flow rate, pressure and temperature of the water running into your home. By using the one-tap water shutoff switch, you can immediately turn off the water coming into your home.

Alerts - Get all of your pending alerts in real-time through your Flo app. Now you’re in control. Get detailed information, troubleshoot the issue, shut-off the water, get help, and more.

Health Test - Flo's Microleak™ technology proactively monitors the integrity of the entire water system to identify even the smallest vulnerabilities. Flo senses tiny drops of water leaking anywhere in the water system, a key early indicator of vulnerability in pipes, fixtures and appliances. Because the best way to avoid water damage, is to prevent it.

Fixture Usage **only with FloProtect™ - Ever wondered where all that water is going? See your water usage like never before: by fixture type, when those fixtures run, how long and how many times. Flo’s machine learning and artificial intelligence categorizes your water use and gives you detailed water usage data.

Chat Support **only with FloProtect™ - Get real-time chat support in your Flo app. Flo's water concierge and proactive support are at your fingertips to help solve your water issues.




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