RUPRECAN - Reusable RO Sediment Filtration


RuPreCan Sediment Filter Solution

For areas with high concentrations of sediment



The RuPreCan system is designed to assist those living in areas with high concentrations of sediment. Customers living in New York City municipalities have experienced extraordinarily high levels of sediment, which has lead to issues with water filtration, and in specific Reverse Osmosis Filtration. The RuPreCan filter is Home Master's solution to the ongoing sediment problem.

RuPreCan accepts sediment filters with large 1" ports to maintain pressure while large quanitities of sediment. The standard first-stage sediment block filter will work in most instances to help keep your Reverse Osmosis system running properly. The pleated 5-micron sediment filter is an option for areas with extremely high levels of sediment, as it functions much like a larger whole house sediment filter - and is reusable/washable. We reccomend replacing the sediment filter at the normal 1-year interval (assuming proper maintenance of filter is followed). 

If you have a question about the RuPreCan, or need assistance, please call 877-693-7873.



Height: 13" 

Width: 5.75"