Sinktop Faucet Adapters

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Sinktop Faucet Adapters for Jr and Mini Systems

Facuet Adapters for Mini & Jr. Sinktop Filter Systems

These adapters fit between your kitchen or bathroom faucet spout and the Jr. / Mini divierter valve. 

Adapter 508: 15/16-27 Male Thread. Includes 1 gasket. Standard adapter included with Jr and Mini systems.

Adapter 517: 13/16-27 Male Thread. Includes 1 gasket. included with Jr and Mini systems.

Adapter 516: Combination Male 24×1/Female 22×1. Includes 2 gaskets. 

Adapter 509: 3/4-27 Thread Female. Includes 1 gasket.

Adapter 509A: 13/16-27 Thread Female. Includes 1 gasket. 

Adapter 514: 15/16-27 Thread Diverter Valve Adapter Extended that comes with 1 NSF gasket.

Adapter Pack: Includes

Adapter 516

Adapter 509

Adapter 509A

Adapter 517

Adapter 514