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Home Master - 3 Stage Sediment, Iron & Carbon Filter

Home Master - 3 Stage Sediment, Iron & Carbon Filter
49.00 lbs
Title Home Master - 3 Stage Sediment, Iron & Carbon Whole House Filter
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The Home Master® Water Filter

Pressure Performance Series - Model #HMF3SdgFeC

3 Stage Whole House Filter with Fine Sediment Filter, Iron & Carbon Filtration


Huge 20" x 4.5" filters deliver -

  • Maximum water filtration
  • Longer filter life
  • Stronger water pressure
  • Reduced maintenance frequency

Massive filter housings with 1" ports for the strongest water pressure possible -- up to 15 gallons per minute.

Multi gradient density replaceable sediment filter produces finer filtration and greater dirt holding capacity. Filtration down to 1 micron.

100,000 gallon capacity replaceable coconut shell carbon filter provides a full year of clean water for a family of four

Iron Reduction filtration up to 3 ppm combined contaminant load

Excellent purification - removes up to 95% of VOCs, TOCs, chlorine, iron, sediment and other contaminants that create foul tastes and odors.

2 Year Warranty

The main purpose of the Home MasterTM whole house water filter is to deliver clean, clear water to every water faucet and shower head in your home without drawing down water pressure. Competitor’s systems use undersized housings with small ports, which restrict water flow and reduce performance so that shower pressure becomes weak and unpleasant.

     ⇒ Nothing ruins a shower like weak water pressure

The Home MasterTM Filter Pressure Performance Series was designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. The Home MasterTM Filter Pressure Performance Series uses oversized filters, housings, and fittings whenever possible to ensure your water pressure never falls short. Larger housings mean larger filters, which require less frequent service, which in turn saves you time, money, and inconvenience. Home MasterTM 3-stage sediment filter, iron water filter, carbon water filters. Large housings for strongest water pressure. Extraordinary filtration. Order today!

The Home Master Water Filter – Pure Water Everywhere – with Pressure Performance

1st Stage Filter
- Multi-gradient depth polypropylene sediment filter.  25 micron surface, 10 micron layer, 5 micron layer, 1 micron inner core 

- Designed for purity with bacterial and chemical resistance
- Four separate gradient density layers enhanced filter performance
- Triple the dirt holding capacity of similar sized cartridges
- Typical life cycle 6 - 12 months depending on usage and sediment quantity
< 1 psi pressure drop @ 20 gallons per minute.

2nd Stage Filter – Radial Flow Iron Reduction Filter

- Ideal Iron filtration for high flow applications

- Radial Flow design provides excellent iron reduction with minimal pressure drop (<1 psi pressure drop) 

- Easily and effectively reduces iron in water up to 3ppm*

- Reduces possibility of pipe and water heater damage

- Lifecycle based upon iron level and combined contaminant load. (See chart below)


3rd Stage Filter - Radial flow granular activated carbon - 20 micron
- Chlorine, chemicals, taste, and odor removal  -100,000 gallons
- Ideal high flow applications
< 1 psi pressure drop @ 20 gallons per minute
- Improved carbon contact time for purer water
- Highest grade coconut shell carbon for maximum chemical contaminant removal

Contents: :

  1. Instruction book and warranty card.
  2. Home MasterTM Water Filter system with filters
  3. Steel mounting bracket with bolts
  4. Housing wrench

Recommended Operating conditions:

  • pH: >7.0
  • Silica: <100 ppm
  • Manganese: <1 ppm (this filter removes Manganese, but it reduces the effective life of the filter cartridge)
  • Iron: < 3ppm
  • Iron Bacteria: NONE
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: NONE (this filter removes Hydrogen Sulfide, but it reduces the effective life of the filter cartridge)
  • Feed water: PSI 20 - 90 PSI
  • Feed water Temperature: 40˚ - 100˚(F)
  • Max. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 2000 ppm

General System Specifications:

  • Dimensions 25”h x 24”w x 9”d
  • Shipping weight 48 lbs.

Iron filter life