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  1. February 09, 2021

    Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water

    Tap water is treated to make it safe, but that does not mean that your tap water is free of
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  2. November 30, 2020

    What is the Difference Between Filtered Water, Distilled Water and Tap Water

    The water that comes into your home is vital to your health and well-being, but can you drink it without worrying about what's riding in with the water? That's a question more and more people are asking, especially…
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  3. October 13, 2020

    Do Water Filters Work: Top Water Filtration Facts You Need to Know

    One of the first questions new clients ask before making a purchase decision about a water filtration system, is whether or not they work, and then usually how they work. It's understandable, since filtering water…
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  4. July 24, 2020

    Covid19 & Perfect Water Technologies

    COVID-19 Update: ESSENTIAL BUSINESS STATUS & ORDER PLANNING March 24, 2020 Dear Valued Customers: The U.S. Department of Homeland…
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  5. July 23, 2020

    1,4-Dioxane: The Hidden Danger in Your Daily Routine

    Did you know you likely started off your day by applying a potentially cancer-causing substance to your body? 1,4-dioxane (commonly referred to as dioxane) is frequently found in everyday hygiene products such as…
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  6. July 23, 2020

    What’s Really In Your Tap Water?

    Nearly 300 million Americans get their tap water from public water systems. In the US, we have the infrastructure in place to provide us with instant…
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  7. July 23, 2020

    6 Common Well Water Contaminants

    Approximately 15 percent of Americans rely on private wells as their primary source of drinking water according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While public water systems are required by the EPA under…
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  8. July 23, 2020

    The Facts on Hard Water

    Hard water is something many of us deal with on a daily basis and it can be a real nuisance. So, what’s the best way to solve your hard water problem? First, it’s important to understand what hard water is and…
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  9. July 23, 2020

    Most Common Water Myths Debunked

    A lot of what we think about water comes from conventional wisdom, but we don’t spend a lot of time looking into where that wisdom comes from—or if it’s even as wise as it claims to be. Once you start digging…
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  10. July 23, 2020

    Top Tips for Cleaning Reusable Water Bottles

    We recently told you about types of reusable water bottles…
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