Home Master Artesian Water Filter Change Set


Home Master Artesian filter change set for home water filtration system. Alkaline water filter restores natural minerals; produces pure alkaline water on tap.

Home Master® Artesian Filter Change Set

Mineral Water on Tap®  

Fits The Following Models:

  • Home Master Artesian
  • Home Master Artesian Full Contact
  • HydroGardener


the Purity you Need, with the pH and Minerals you Want®


Defining Features:

  • High capacity 2,500-gallon life or 1 year
  • Cleaner, better-tasting water
  • (1) 5 micron spun poly, high holding depth sediment water filter 1/4"
  • (1) 5-micron coconut shell granular activated catalytic carbon water filter 1/4"
  • (1) 5-micron Artesian remineralization and coconut shell granular activated carbon water filter 3/8"
  • Certified to NSF standard 42 for chlorine reduction & Class V particulate reduction; filters can remove up to 95% of chemicals, including VOCs, TOCs, chlorine, and others that create foul tastes and odors.
  • Quick connect push-in fittings; 10” L x 2” W

Made with NSF Certified Components    


-- Now Available --

Artesian Full Contact®  Retrofit Kit


  • Purified Alkaline Water – restores natural calcium and magnesium minerals removed during the reverse osmosis process to produce clean, pure, slightly alkaline water. Mineral Water on Tap®

  • Patented Technology - circulates pure water through the artesian remineralization filter twice to restore more minerals. Patent # US 7,507,334 B1

Home Master Artesian     Home Master Artesian Full Contact
+15-30 mg/L  Calcium and Magnesium +30 - 60 mg/L  Calcium and Magnesium
6.8 - 7.2 pH 7.0 - 8.0 pH

This retrofit kit changes your regular Artesian into a  Artesian Full Contact. It alters your existing  Artesian so that your water is remineralized, not once, but twice using our patented Full Contact Technology which circulates the pure RO water through the artesian remineralization filter once on the way to the storage tank, and a second time, upon demand, from the storage tank to the RO Faucet and on your reusable drinking water bottle or cooking pot. This system will rejuvenate and restore more calcium and magnesium minerals than the regular Artesian, and creates the best drinking water, coffee, and tea you will ever have. Guaranteed or your money back.

Users of the Full Contact System and Full Contact Retrofit Kit do not need to repurchase it every year - just get the normal Artesian filter change set.


Patent# US 7,507,334 B1

Mineral Water on Tap®

Time To Change your RO Membrane?
Has it been 3-5 years?

Make your membrane change easier -- order the replacement RO membrane pre-assembled in the Membrane Housing. It includes a 50 GPD membrane, a new stainless steel check valve, flow restrictor, and fittings. Part# MH-50

Order it with your replacement filter changeset and we will put the whole thing together for you with new clips and standard tubing.  If you prefer that we use antimicrobial tubing, please remember to include the upgrade kit with your purchase -- It's like getting a brand new purification unit.


General Operating Conditions
Feedwater: PSI 40 - 100 PSI
Feedwater Temperature: 40˚ - 100˚(F)
Max. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 2000 ppm
pH limits: 4 - 10

* Your results may vary depending on regular maintenance, the general condition of the unit, and initial water supply.

Filter not designed to treat microbially unsafe or non-potable water without adequate disinfection before and after unit.